Facials designed to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin. This promotes a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger.

Serenity Anti– Aging: This facial involves the use of products and techniques that can slow down the aging process with the use of vitamins and nutrients. Our silicon masque is soothing and provides instant radiance. This facial tightens and exfoliates to promote clear, well-hydrated skin giving it softer appearance.

60 min for $110

European Facial: This is our most popular facial. We’ll start with a deep pore cleansing, followed by a gentle exfoliation to reveal smooth glowing skin. A face, neck and shoulder massage is sure to set your mind at ease. After a skin analysis and extractions, a customized masque will be applied to help purify, tone, hydrate and restore your skin to its natural balance.

60 min for $95

Repair Facial: Soothes and calms reactive skin types, while gently nourishing and hydrating the skin. Repair facials are excellent for rosacea, broken capillaries, and other inflammatory skin conditions. This facial is great for adding life to fragile, sensitive and dry skin.

60 min for $85

Oxygen Facial: This purifying facial instantly breathes life into your skin and restores its natural glow. By infusing pure vitamins and minerals, the Oxygen Facial stimulates cellular energy causing the skin to become more luminous. This treatment is ideal for all skin types and particularly beneficial for those with acne, rosacea and inflammatory skin. Oxygen facials are most effective if done in a series.

60 min for $135

*Oxygen Acne Facial available upon request

Back Facial: A relaxing experience for both the mind and the body. Our back facial includes a thorough back cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. Massage with finishing products integrated throughout leave you calm and balanced.

60 min for $85

Acne Facial: This healing facial is recommended for people who have oily skin and suffer from acute acne problems. The process includes deep cleansing, steaming and exfoliating clogged pores. Done at regular intervals, this service will detoxify the skin, suppress bacteria and accelerate healing.

60 min for $95

Collagen Transformation: This intensive anti-aging treatment hydrates, rejuvenates and tightens the skins surface to reduce visible signs of aging without surgery! Collagen is stimulated, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and filled to give a smoother appearance. You’ll love how your skin becomes instantly firmer and toned. This is the go-to facial for skin renewal.

90 min for $135

Paraffin Facial: Experience the ultimate moisturizing facial. Paraffin is used to target dry and dehydrated skin. Includes a deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, C-Serum, detoxifying paraffin masque and skin moisturizer. The paraffin masque penetrates deep into the pores. This helps nourish and protect the skin leaving your face feeling soft, smooth and radiant.

60 min for $125

Teen Facial (Ages 12-18): Begins with a deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions. A healing masque is then applied to rehydrate dry skin and eliminate oily particles, giving the skin a fresh start.

45 min for $60

Express Facial: This mini facial is designed to gently exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. 25 min for $55
Dermaplane: A sterilized stainless steel blade is used to gently remove the micro thin top layer of skin. This procedure minimizes fine lines and eliminates fine textured hair while improving the function of your other skin care products. A great alternative to laser for those with light colored hair looking to reduce hair growth. We recommend a series of 5, one hour treatments for longer lasting results

60 min for $105

Series of 5 for $450

Dermaplane with Oxygen Infusion: We will follow this treatment with a fine mist of vibrational infusion of oxygen. Best results are achieved when treatments are scheduled in a series of five every four to six weeks.

75 min for $150

Series of 5 for $675

serenity-rx-med-spa--arlington-texas-microdermabrasionDiamond Tip (non crystal) Microdermabrasion: Non-evasive way to reduce the effects of aging on the skin. The diamond peel generally removes the outermost layer of skin, eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of dead skin cells; while stimulating the production of new skin cells with high levels of collagen and elastin. This treatment also reduces the appearance of acne scars and other light scarring, giving the skin a fresh healthy glow.

30 min $75 / 60 min $110

Microfile: A particle skin exfoliation treatment. This popular “hand held tool” procedure, classified as light dermabrasion, is used to treat acne, scarring, sun damage, age spots, and general “rejuvenation”.

30 min. $55

facial-add-on-services-serenity-rxAdd-On Services (with any facial)

Scalp treatment – $20

Hand & Foot Massage – $25

Oxygen – $25

Ampoules – $15

Eye Mask – $15

Provides hydration to the entire eye area while reducing puffiness, dark circles and tension